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Common Places a Roof Can Leak

Jul 02, 2021

Close up view of damaged asphalt roofing shingles.The roof of your home is arguably one of the largest investments you’ll make. So naturally, if your roof is leaking, you’ll want to limit the damage before it gets any worse. It can be pretty easy to spot a leak from inside your home based on discoloration or stains on your ceiling, but it can be quite the challenge trying to pinpoint exactly where the water is seeping through on the outside. To start, you may want to consider checking your roof for:

Damaged or Missing Shingles

If your roof is older, has never been replaced, or was improperly installed, broken shingles may very well be the source of your leaking issue. A severe storm can produce strong winds that can cause shingles to lift off of your roof, creating just enough space for water to infiltrate.

Chimney Leaks

There are several points on a chimney that make it a prime culprit for leaks. Chimneys tend to collect water, which can then seep into any cracks in the walls. Another common place on chimneys that can lead to leaks is the flashing—metal that is meant to keep the area between a chimney and a roof sealed off.

Skylight Sealing Problems

Skylights can be a nice addition to a home, but can lead to a number of issues if not maintained or installed correctly. If your skylight is not properly fitted for your home, chances are the weather seal around the glass is not seated correctly, allowing water to seep into the sides.

Plumbing/Vent Pipes

Designed to allow air to escape from the home, vent pipes come out of the roof and can be another common area for a leak to occur. After years of battling the elements, the flashing around a vent pipe can begin to deteriorate, exposing the rubber seal beneath it.

We’ll Find Even the Toughest of Leaks

If you have checked all of these common areas on your roof and still can’t seem to find the source of your leak, don’t delay in contacting a roofing contractor immediately. At Merritt Roofing, we provide residents in the Carolinas with free roof inspections, where we’ll identify the source of leaks, assess the damage, and provide a comprehensive report of our findings along with a list of recommendations.

Contact us today to schedule a roof inspection and learn about our roofing repair, replacement, and restoration solutions.

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Merritt was fantastic. I spoke with several highly rated companies for our replacement and this crew had a great combination of professionalism, value, and just a great personal connection. Victor and the rest of the team made a tremendous impression on my family and me, and the installation was done quickly and with great skill. I hope I never need to replace a roof again, but if I do, it'll be with these folks!
Marshall H.
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I had a complicated roof claim! Ryan was knowledgeable and super patient and assuring with what was going to happen during the process. Remember when the claims rep comes to inspect the damages, he is looking out for himself and his company's interests. A good roof rep will have your back, which is exactly what happened. Merritt Roofing bent over backwards to get my roof up with my intense schedule and I am extremely happy with how everything was handled in a very professional way! The new roof looks great and it got a good report by the inspector. Thanks a lot! Highly recommended.
Meme H.
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We had a great experience with Merritt Roofing. Ryan Guest was on time and as friendly and helpful as can be. He went out of his way to make sure our roof was taken care of and kept us completely informed the entire time. Couldn't have asked for a better experience for a roofing issue. We definitely know now who to call in the future, thanks Ryan and Merritt Roofing for making it so easy.
Brian C.
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